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About Us

The corporate world needs up-skilled workers

The parallel evolution of technology and the corporate world has necessitated the IT professionals to scale themselves up in all possible ways. Having rudimentary skills in outdated technologies will bar the IT aspirants from mounting the corporate ladder. With new dimensions being added to the dynamic global market every day, the corporate population is expected to be equipped with skillsets tailored to the industry standards.

An all-inclusive corporate training is exactly what you need, to become a professional of corporate calibre. At Wals Academy, we provide you with all the amenities that help you sustain and progress in the rapidly transforming era of tools and technology. Our highly skilled in-house corporate trainers, with years of experience in diverse domains, impart the right amount of knowledge that can keep you afloat in the competitive corporate environs. The corporate training courses offered by Wals Academy are at par with the industrial demands and aligned to your project requirements.

Our experienced corporate trainers conduct customized group trainings in the fields of IT, Operations, Marketing, Management and Consulting. Their perceptions of the nuances of the unique corporate domains are authentic, and catalyze your career growth in a span less than that of the other corporate training companies.Your post-training outcomes will also be evaluated by our esteemed trainers, which will help you understand your critical skill gaps and work on improving them. Be a part of the unique learning experience at Wals Academy and blend into the dynamic corporate culture!

What We Offer

The corporate world now not only needs skilled workers but also up-skilled ones. With the dynamism of the marketplace, every field needs people who are constantly learning, changing, evolving with the rest of the field. You need your workers to be up to date and we can do just that for you. Wals Academy offers intensive, hands-on training for individuals or groups in the fields of IT, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Management, and Consulting. Take a look at what we offer and we're sure you'll see that learning is a good fit for you.

Hands on learning

All our training sessions are based on Learn-by-doing method, which ensures that trainees cement their learning through practical projects 

Expert Instructors

Wals Academy trainers are industry experts who are currently working in the field and bring their real-world expertise to the classroom.

Periodic Assessment & Projects

Participants build real-time projects under the watchful eye of mentors, and are periodically assessed to check their progress.

Blended learning

Wals Academy takes a student-centered approach by combining the advantages of both virtual learning and physical classrooms.

Measure training outcomes

Wals Academy has in place a systematic means of assessing the learning retention of trainees at the end of each training session.

Post Training Support

Participants can connect with industry experts for project evaluation, deep dive into specific concepts or assistance in implementing the training.

20 Years of Experience

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